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June 7, 2015

Frank Dimino (Ex Angel) Returns with ‘Old Habits Die Hard’

+ADw-p+AD4-Frank Dimino, formerly the lead singer with 70+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-s rock band Angel is to return with an album titled +ACYAIw-8220+ADs-Old Habits die Hard+ACYAIw-8221+ADs under the band name of Dimino.??The album is to be released by Frontiers Music srl on??July 3 in Europe and July 10 in North+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-Dimino has enlisted the help of a number of well known musicians such as??Oz Fox??(STRYPER),??Eddie Ojeda??(TWISTED SISTER),??Rickey Medlocke??(BLACKFOOT,??LYNYRD SKYNYRD),??Pat Thrall??(HUGHES/THRALL),??Jeff Duncan??(ARMORED SAINT),??Jeff Labansky, former??ANGEL??bandmates??Barry Brandt and??Punky Meadows??(on guitar) who was famously the topic of a Frank Zappa song titled +ACYAIw-8220+ADs-Punkys Whips+ACYAIw-8221+ADs which??appeared [...]
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May 19, 2015

Ten – ‘Isla de Muerta’ Album Sampler

+ADw-p+AD4-Ten have released a sampler for their +ACYAIw-8220+ADs-Isla de Muerta+ACYAIw-8221+ADs album which is due for release 20th May.??The album is released by??Rocktopia Records in the UK who are the folks that bring us the excellent Fireworks Magazine.+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-According to Rocktopia ???the??album??opens with the atmospheric ???Buccaneers??? instrumental and segues straight into the cinematic ???Dead Men Tell No Tales??????. They go on to say:+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4???Expect all the trademark??TEN??essences: Great songs, big choruses, stunning solo work and twin leads with the British seven piece once again raising the bar and firing on all cylinders.??+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4???Isla de Muerta??? promises to inspire the imagination, with [...]
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April 30, 2015

Maiden United – ‘Remembrance’ Album Trailer

+ADw-p+AD4-Iron Maiden acoustic tribute band Maiden United have released a trailer for their forthcoming +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-Remembrance+ACYAIw-8216+ADs album. The band which features??Damian Wilson??(Threshold, Headspace) and??Ruud Jolie??(Within Temptation)??is an Iron Maiden tribute project which performs classic Maiden songs in new acoustic arrangements. +ACYAIw-8216+ADs-Remembrance+ACYAIw-8217+ADs is the third full-length album and??will be released on May 22nd as a CD, red 12+ACYAIw-8243+ADs vinyl or digital download.+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-The album can be pre-ordered at??www.MaidenuniteD.com+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-Featured musicians include:+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace) +ACYAIw-8211+ADs Vocals Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation) +ACYAIw-8211+ADs Guitar Joey Bruers (Up The [...]
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April 19, 2015

Kiske Somerville – “City Of Heroes” EPK (Official Video)

+ADw-p+AD4-Kiske Somerville have released an EPK for their new album +ACYAIw-8220+ADs-City Of Angels+ACYAIw-8221+ADs released on Frontiers Music srl??on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America.+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-Kiske Somerville??is a??collaboration between the two huge vocal talents of??Michael Kiske??(ex-Helloween,??Unisonic??+ACY-amp+ADs??Place Vandome) and??Amanda Somerville??(Trillium,??Avantasia).+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-The albums songwriting is largely handled by??Mat Sinner??(Primal Fear,??Sinner) and??Magnum Karlsson??(Starbreaker,??Primal Fear) with the exception of the track ???Breaking Neptune??? which is penned by??Sander Gommans??(After Forever) and??Amanda Somerville??herself.+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-Mat Sinner also takes on [...]
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April 16, 2015

Beauvoir / Free – New Album “American Trash”

+ADw-p+AD4-Frontiers Music srl press release+ACYAIw-8230+ADsAPA-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of +ACYAIw-8220+ADs-American Trash+ACYAIw-8221+ADs the anticipated new album featuring Rock +ACY-amp+ADs Roll veterans Jean BEAUVOIR and Micki FREE on June 3rd in Europe and June 7th in North America.+ADw-/p+AD4 +ADw-p+AD4-Best known as the driving force behind the legendary Crown of Thorns self-titled debut album in 1994, Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free???s collective credits read like a ???who???s-who??? Rock +ACY-amp+ADs Roll Hall of Fame, with a list of collaborations that includes the likes of the Ramones, KISS, Debbie Harry, The Pretenders, John Waite, Lionel Richie, N+ACYAIw-8217+ADs-Sync, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Bill Wyman, Carlos [...]
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