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Eclipse – Armageddonize (Review)

Eclipse – Armageddonize (Review)

by March 8, 2015




Release Date

20 Feb 2015



Running Time

46 mins

Sweden has been a hotbed of talent for rock fans for many years now with so many good bands coming out of the country. But one band that has quickly risen to the top of the melodic rock pile is Eclipse. The band have released their fourth album “Armageddonize” via Frontiers records and what a killer album it is.

The album follows on from the success of “Bleed & Scream” which saw the band raise their game beyond their first two albums, but “Armageddonize” cranks things up to a whole new level. This album packs way more power and pure adrenalin than I have heard on any melodic rock album in a long time.

At the centre of Eclipse is the amazing pairing of Erik Martensson on vocals and Magnus Henriksson on guitar, both of whom have become masters of their craft, backed by the excellent rhythm provided by Magnus Ulfstedt and Robban Bäck.

The album starts with “I Don’t Wanna Say I’m Sorry” (you can see the video here) with its blistering guitar,vocals to die for and a stellar chorus. This sets the pace and tone for the album which never really dips from this point onwards. “Stand On Your Feet” continues the furious pace with another great track with more amazing guitar work but all backed up impeccably on bass & drums. Next up is “The Storm” which starts with acoustic guitar and you might think this is where the things become more mellow but the intro is brief before the we’re back to full speed with another cracking track.

Blood Enemies” starts with a nice blues infused guitar intro before going into overdrive with more smouldering guitar riffs. Martensson’s vocals are full of power and there’s a great anthem of a chorus. Though difficult to pick a favourite on this album, this one hits all the marks and is probably the stand out track for me. “Wide Open” is another great melodic rocker with a fantastic chorus full of harmonies.

Live Like I’m Dying” is a ballad packed with so much power and feeling its unreal. Next up is “Breakdown” with a bluesy acoustic riff kicking things off with a feel akin to Blue Murder’sJelly Roll” before going into a thumping chorus.

Love Bites” hits the throttle even harder and is a pure fast paced quality rocker. “Caught Up In The Rush” is another album highlight with more of the same high quality musicianship on offer and yet another great chorus. “One Life – My Life” and “All Died Young” keep things rocking and its hard to believe the standards being maintained on every track of this album. The Japanese version of the album closes with an acoustic version of “The Storm“. I’m a big lover of this type of acoustic cover that is often so popular as a bonus track and this one really adds a different feel to the album version with Martensson sounding a little more vulnerable, injecting some real feeling into the verses in particular.

So there we have it. An album of stellar proportions with amazing vocals, screaming guitar work, rock solid bass & drums and fantastic production. Without doubt a BIG contender for melodic rock album of the year and more than deserving in any rock fans record collection.



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