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Nelson – Peace Out (Review)

Nelson – Peace Out (Review)

by June 7, 2015




Release Date

May 15th (Europe)
May 19th (North America)



Running Time

58 mins

The Nelson brothers Matthew and Gunnar are back with their latest album “Peace Out“. This is the fourth (and last) album to appear on the Frontiers Music srl label and comes more than four years since the last effort ‘Lightning Strikes Twice‘.

We set a pretty high standard with our previous release with Frontiers – Lightning Strikes Twice. That record received by far the most critical acclaim of any Nelson record to date… Peace Out was expected to be even BETTER, so the goal was to push ourselves to very limit- past what we believed we could do,” says Gunnar Nelson. “We wanted to write and record the most exciting, authentic, uplifting, and rockin’ Nelson record ever made! The mission: to make a classic.

Well I can tell you that the Nelson twins have really delivered the goods. This is said to be the last Nelson album before commencing with a new project and if that is the case, this is a great way to go out.

The album is chock full of upbeat feel-good tunes with more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box. Of course there is the odd ballad on offer too, but hey, we all love a good ballad, right.

This is pure melodic rock at its finest. There’s tons of harmonies, layered guitars, and some damn fine chorus’s to delight your ears with.

The album kicks off with the feel-good high energy rock n’ roll of “Hello Everybody“. I defy anyone to stop their foot tapping to this one.  “Back In The Day” and “Invincible” sustains the momentum with a pair of super catchy chorus’s and keep things progressing very nicely.

We are treated to the obligatory ballad in “On The Brightside“, but even this continues to see the twins in upbeat mood and there’s another fine melody in the chorus with some great harmonies.

The band rock out again with more great tracks in “Rockstar“, “Autograph” and the very cool “You and Me” before we’re hit with “Bad For You” which starts slow with some lovely twin guitar harmonies almost Y&T like before picking up the pace and rocking out with some great tongue in cheek lyrics. “Leave The Light On For Me” is another ballad and a fine way to close the album out and i’ll certainly be leaving the light on for Nelson, and hoping that in the fullness of time there will be more gems forthcoming from the twins

All in all this is a highly polished album with superb production, fantastic chorus’s and hell, it just makes you feel good. It might be a little ‘poppy’ or ‘cheesy’ for some but I loved it and I’m sure any self respecting melodic rock fan would too.

Peace Out track listing:

1. Hello Everybody
2. Back In The Day
3. Invincible
4. Let It Ride
5. I Wanna Stay Home
6. On The Bright Side
7. Rockstar
8. Autograph
9. What’s Not To Love?
10. You And Me
11. Bad For You
12. Leave The Light On For Me

Matthew Nelson – Lead Vocals, Bass , Guitars
Gunnar Nelson – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drums

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