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Pyramaze – Disciples Of The Sun (Review)

Pyramaze – Disciples Of The Sun (Review)

by June 3, 2015



Inner Wound Recordings

Release Date

May 22 - Europe:
May 25 - UK:
May 26 - North America:



Running Time

53 mins

I love it when you stumble upon a band that takes you by surprise and floors you with some new found incredible music. Such is the case with Danish band Pyramaze and their new album “Disciples Of The Sun“.

Pyramaze are not a new band, in fact this is their forth album, but to my shame I have to admit to being unfamiliar with their previous work. “Disciples of the Sun” however marks a new era for Pyramaze with the introduction of new vocalist Terje Harøy (Crossnail). Incredibly perhaps, Harøy is actually the bands fourth vocalist (previous vocalists being Urban Breed (Tad Morose, Bloodbound), Lance King (Balance of Power, Empire), & Matt Barlow (Iced Earth)).

Not being too familiar with the bands previous work its hard to compare how Harøy’s introduction changes the sound but what the band as a whole have delivered in “Disciples of the Sun” is a top class melodic/progressive metal album to compete with anyone within the genre.

The album opens with the atmospheric orchestration of “We Are The Ocean“, which leads into the pounding riff of “The Battle of Paridas“. This is a thumping powerhouse of a song with great musicianship all round, from the blistering guitars of Toke Skjønnemand & Jacob Hansen, to the swirling keyboards of Jonah Weingarten and the pounding drums of Morten Gade Sørensen. And in Terje Harøy the band seem to have really found a great talent that complements them enormously.

The title track “Disciples of the Sun” comes next and is one of the albums standout tracks. This contains plenty of power, layered beautifully with the keys of Weingarten and all underpinned with some great drumming from Morten Gade Sørensen but its here that Harøy really shines. 

There’s no let up in power or pace with the next track “Back for More” which continues the extremely high standards set by the previous songs. Every song has not only great instrumentation and fantastic vocals but some great melodies.

There are plenty more great tracks on offer in “Genetic Process“, “Fearless” and the impeccable “Perfectly Imperfect” with a killer riff and great melody on the chorus.

The good stuff keeps coming throughout the album with “Unveil” and “Hope Springs Eternal” right up there with the best of them.

The band finish the album with a ballad in the shape of “Photograph“. Possibly a strange way to finish off the album given its power and pace throughout, but a decent brooding ballad non the less.

All in all a really good album that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone with an interest in good melodic/progressive metal. I’ll certainly be checking out the bands past catalog and if its half as good as this album I’ll be well pleased.


Terje Harøy vocals
Toke Skjønnemand lead guitars
Jacob Hansen guitars
Jonah Weingarten keyboards
Morten Gade Sørensen drums


Produced by Jacob Hansen
Recorded at Hansen Studios, Denmark
Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios, Denmark



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