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The Poodles – Devil In The Details (Review)

The Poodles – Devil In The Details (Review)

by April 6, 2015

The Poodles


Gain Music

Release Date

25th March 2015



Running Time

46 mins

The Poodles have returned with a new studio album “Devil in the Details” released March 25th on Gain Music. The album follows 2013’s well received “Tour de Force” and sees the band hooking up with producer Mats Valentin again for this, their sixth album.

The Poodles have really honed their sound over recent years and are quite unmistakable, not only due to Jakob Samuel‘s unique vocals but also in the way they blend great melodic rock tunes with modern, almost poppy sounds and great orchestration often with the inclusion of a killer chorus. The band have clearly found a sound and formula that works for them and has earned them great plaudits with over ten ‘top 10’ hits so far in Scandinavia, making them one of Sweden’s most successful rock bands.

The album sees the departure of founding member and bassist Pontus Egberg, who has left to join King Diamond and is replaced by Johan Flodqvist.

The album starts with some atmospheric orchestration which builds into the thumping riff of “Before I Die” and right away you know your in for a treat. The track has one of the killer choruses mentioned previously and some progressive elements blended to perfection.

House of Cards”, previoulsy released as a single, has one of the coolest opening grooves I’ve heard in a while and is an album highlight amongst an album full of gems. Up next is “The Greatest“, a cool mid tempo ballad about being on stage and the feeling it brings.

Crack in The Wall” is another great track enhanced to good effect with some great touches of orchestration which highlight the amazing production on this release. There’s the obligatory killer chorus and some amazing guitar work from Henrik Bergqvist including a flamenco acoustic section. “(What the Hell) Baby” is possibly the stand out track for me. It begins with a heavy synth groove before going right into the chorus. This is probably The Poodles at their poppiest but keep an open mind and you’ll love this.

Everything” & “Stop” continue the high standards and on another album would qualify as stand out tracks in their own rights. “Need To Believe” has a Kashmir like opening riff which gives way to the driving rhythm section made up of drummer Christian Lundqvist and new boy Johan Flodqvist on bass and is another stand out track.

Alive” is possibly the most straight ahead rocker on the album and whilst possibly the weakest on the album is still a very good song. “Life Without You” and the oddly named “Creator And Breaker” ensure that the latter part of the album has plenty of great moments.

The album closes with “Borderline” another of the albums stand out tracks. The production on the drums in particular really make the track shine and there are some great performances all round. The main riff itself always makes me think of Alice CoopersBillion Dollar Babies” for some reason. It’s a great way to finish off an album that contains more gems than the Tower of London.

What you get with “Devil in the Details” is a feast of top notch melodic rock from start to finish. This album really has it all: great song writing, excellent production, amazing performances and plenty of those killer choruses. Its not an album that you need to work at to like, rather it grabs you, sinking its hooks [pun intended] into you so that you’ll want to keep playing and playing this to death, each listen bringing out more and more from these well crafted songs. The Devil truly is in the detail.

Miss this one at your peril.



1. Before I Die
2. House Of Cards
3. The Greatest
4. Crack In The Wall
5. Baby
6. Everything
7. Stop
8. Need To Believe
9. Alive
10. Life Without You
11. Creator And Breaker
12. Borderline

Jakob Samuel / Vocals
Christian Lundqvist / Drums
Johan Flodqvist / Bass
Henrik Bergqvist / Guitar


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